Physical Disabilities or Sensory Needs

How we support those caring for someone with a physical disability, visual or hearing impairment, or other sensory needs and other useful contacts.

Carers in Hertfordshire wants to encourage carers to become more involved in the planning and delivery of services for people with physical disabilities and / or sensory needs such as a visual or hearing impairment.

We believe we make a difference by working together. The involvement of carers is very much needed:

  • To give carers a real say in what services are working well and how they are delivered
  • To ensure planners and managers hear about services which are not effective or supportive
  • To ensure services respect people’s dignity and independence
  • To ensure carers get the help and advice they need when they need it
  • To influence the development of new and better services.

What do we do

Involvement Workers will:

  • Provide you with the training and support you may need to help you represent your views and those of other carers to the health and social care authorities who commission or deliver services in Hertfordshire.
  • Give you the opportunity to meet and talk to other carers who have had similar experiences to your own.
  • Hold a Carers‘ Meetings which meets regularly to share information and concerns and to agree responses to proposals for changes to health services.

How you can be involved

Come along to one of our Carers of Adults with Physical Disabilities or Sensory Needs meetings. They are friendly, relaxed meetings where you can have your say about the services that you receive or may receive in the future. For those carers who are unable to attend regular meetings, we organise a Carers‘ Involvement Network where you can tell us about your experiences of services by email, telephone conversations, responding to surveys or attending one-off workshops.

Our Carers of Adults with Physical Disabilities or Sensory Needs meetings represent carers‘ views to Hertfordshire’s Physical Disability and Sensory Need Co-production Board. For more information on Co-production in Hertfordshire CLICK HERE

If you have something to share or would like to get involved, please get in touch.

Other Organisations and Useful Links

Herts Ability is a charity provides support to disabled people living in Hertfordshire and beyond to allow them to live more independently. This includes driving assessments and finding the appropriate mobility aids. They are available by calling 01707 324581.

The Herts Disability Sports Foundation promotes the development of disability sport for people in day services across Hertfordshire. They also provide open sessions which are available to anybody with a disability and their siblings/friends. You can call the Herts Disability Sports Foundation on 01462 600193.