Young Carers Information for Professionals

How to help young carers as someone working for a health or social care service.

Find support and make referrals for young people who could be carers

What makes someone a Young Carer?

Anyone who is under 18 and looks after someone who is ill, disabled or uses drugs or alcohol, is a young carer. This often involves doing tasks that would normally be done by an adult, such as:

● cooking meals
● going shopping
● making sure a loved one takes their medicine
● emotional support

When To Refer a Young Carer

We rely on professionals in the community like you to help us identify people who will benefit from our services.

If you meet a young person who might be a carer, please let us know about them using this form .

It’s important to refer someone whatever their caring responsibilities are – young people with a small caring role as well as those with a higher level of need.

If the family is currently at safeguarding then we can work with you to ensure that they are offered a Carers Assessment. Please do include us in your plan when the family are ready to be stepped down. They are still welcome at our activities, can access our Carers Passport discount card or call us for information relating to their caring role in the mean time.

How To Refer a Young Carer

To tell us about a young person who might be a carer, complete this referral form.

Please note that if the young carer is age 16+ then we will need their explicit consent for them to be registered with us, as well as their parent / guardians. If they are under 16 we will need their parent / guardian’s consent.

You can email the form, password protected, to

Or you can post it to:

Carers in Hertfordshire
The Red House
119 Fore Street
SG14 1AX

Hertfordshire County Council awarded Carers in Hertfordshire the contract to support all young carers across Hertfordshire from 1st April 2019. With the families’ consent, we use the Families First EHM System to assess the needs of the whole family. We work with other professionals to meet these needs where necessary.

Other Ways to Support

Display these posters in your organisation to let young carers and their families know who we are, the support we offer and how they can get in touch.

Postcard: Young Carers Service Postcard
A4 Poster: Young Carers Service A4 Poster (2019)