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Carers in Hertfordshire

We provide advice, information and support to unpaid carers – people looking after someone who is elderly, disabled, has a physical or mental illness, or misuses drugs or alcohol.

We support carers of all ages – children and adults – if they live, work or care in Hertfordshire.

Our services are provided free to carers.

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"“For me Carers in Hertfordshire was my wake up call, I was in danger of becoming ill, but with the support and advice you provided you helped me rethink things. The charity is unique and means so much to family and friend carers like me as you put us first and allow us to think about and prioritise our health and wellbeing.”"
"It is satisfying to use my previous work skills and share my experiences as a carer I hope that this helps people use what they learn and apply it to their jobs, improving interaction and support for carers and people with care needs.

It's useful having a charity like Carers in Hertfordshire there to turn to for information or support related to caring and to provide a platform for family and friend carers to have their voices heard by health and other services in Hertfordshire."
"“Caring for someone, no matter how much one loves that person and wishes to help that person, is a challenging and difficult process, with plenty of ups and downs. It is good, even vital, to have an escape, to have something that is just for oneself. Something that provides an oasis in amongst the ‘desert’ of caring.”"
"“I’m grateful for the help Carers in Hertfordshire has given me. You have helped me access funding (a Direct Payment) that I use for a Care Worker to spend time with my sons, which gives me respite. I’ve also been to some carers’ groups and information events, I find it useful being able to talk to, and hear from, other carers.
Your charity is a lifeline to carers like me with the expert information and support you provide.”"
"“The staff and volunteers at Carers in Hertfordshire have been amazing in the level of support, care and practical help they have given me. An outstanding service. I know the charity is there for advice or support when I need it.”"