Carers Training Professionals

Find out how our Carer Trainers share a carer's perspective with trainee health and social care workers.

The Carer Trainer Unit involves trained carers in the planning and delivery of training to health and social care professionals.

The Carer Trainer Unit trains staff in a range of front-line services, including libraries, leisure, and housing.

The principal aim of the Unit is to have an input in training across all care groups by training “Carer Trainers” who are confident to speak to paid staff primarily in health and social care.

Carer Trainers provide real insights which can help organisations to deliver more carer and user-friendly services.

Trainers in the health and social care environment are increasingly aware of the need to have carer and user elements in their training. They are often enthusiastic about involving carers in the planning and delivery of training and see carers telling their own personal stories as being a unique teaching tool.

It is particularly beneficial where carers can speak about their own experience in relation to specific areas, show examples of good practice or explain what they would see as good practice.

Our team of Carer Trainers have diverse caring roles and situations – some of whom live with the person they care for and others do not – and we regularly review the team and welcome inquiries from people with caring experience interested in the role. We pay for the time spent delivering training and also for alternative care for the person you support (if required) whilst training for the role or on training sessions. If you are interested in the role or would like more information please call 01992 58 69 69.


Becoming a Carer Trainer

We have a strong base of Carer Trainers but there are areas where we need to recruit.

If you’re a carer of someone who receives services from the Older Persons and Physical Disability Team (especially of someone who is elderly) or of someone with dementia and would like to be involved in training on an occasional basis, we would like to hear from you.

The Carer Trainer Unit provides ongoing support and training for carers through the Carer Trainer Project Worker.

Carer Trainers have at least two training days a year together to refresh and enhance their own skills and to discuss issues in regard to carer training.

Carer Trainers have opportunities to meet together to discuss issues in regard to carer training.

We can pay for alternative care for the person you care for while you train to become a Carer Trainer and later on when you do carer training.

Please contact us and request a Carer Trainer Information Pack.