A Voice for Young Carers

How we make sure young carers are represented at school and in the county.

Young Carers Council and School Ambassadors are your chance to represent young carers in your community.

Young Carers Council and School Ambassadors help change the face of services and support for young carers in Hertfordshire.

Both groups are made up of and guided by young carers. They give you the opportunity to:
● have your voice heard
● build valuable skills
● meet lots of other young carers
● be the voice of young carers

To find out more about how you can get involved in both groups, contact us.

Young Carers Council

The Young Carers Council is a group of young carers who represent, champion and improve services for young carers in Herts.

They listen to the views of young carers from across the county, through events like their annual Young Carers Conference.

The council then shares the needs of young carers with Carers in Hertfordshire and professionals in health, education and social care. Here’s an example of an exciting project the Young Carers Council did with a local NHS trust:

If you are 8 – 18 years old, and would like to have a say on services for young carers in Hertfordshire, fill in this application form or get in touch. We welcome applications from every young carer, whatever their experience.

School Ambassadors

As a School Ambassador, you advocate for young carers in schools while building valuable new skills and relationships.

Within your school, you raise awareness of young carers’ needs, campaign for better support, and help hidden young carers feel comfortable asking for help.

Ambassadors work together as a team, and each one has a mentor to support them. You are responsible for one school and choose the activities which would work best there. These might include:

● delivering part of an assembly
● organising an awareness raising event
● putting up posters or creating a noticeboard

To become a School Ambassador, and make positive changes for young carers in your school, get in touch with the Young Carers Team.