Campaigns, consultations and co-production work are your opportunity to have a voice on local and national issues affecting carers.

Campaigns and consultations (such as surveys and discussions) are your opportunity to have a voice on local and national issues affecting carers, or of interest to carers.

We organise our own consultations to review our services and help us plan for the future and support organisations in their campaign work or with getting feedback, for example Hertfordshire County Council, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust and other NHS organisations in the county, when looking to improve, change or introduce services.

If there are relevant consultations or campaigns taking place we have shared details below.

Every few years we carry out a survey to find out the caring situation in Hertfordshire. Our last survey was in 2022 and you can find out about our findings on our Carers Survey page.

Current co-production, consultation or survey opportunities

External consultations

Hertfordshire County Council: You can find Hertfordshire County Council’s current consultations, on ALL topics on the council’s website via this link – Hertfordshire County Council Consultations.

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust is reviewing its SEND support within the Health Visiting Service and is asking parent carers of children Hertfordshire aged under six that have an additional or emerging need to complete a short survey about when and how the service contacts you and your family. You can complete the survey at by Thursday 28th March 2024.


Co-production brings professionals together with service users and carers to combine their skills, knowledge and lived experience to have their say on local services and influence how they may be delivered in the future. People work together to design, improve, review or monitor services.

In Hertfordshire there are various co-production boards, each with a specific focus, for example dementia or physical disabilities. You can find out more about Co-production in Hertfordshire on Hertfordshire County Council’s website.