Find out how you can donate to support unpaid carers in the county.

First of all… you are AMAZING!! Clicking here means you’re thinking about donating to us, which means the world.

We know that times are tough so even considering donating to us shows us and the incredible unpaid carers we support, just how much you care.

Unpaid caring is a lifeline many of us will or have already experienced. This includes those who need mental and physical support, or those who are struggling with addiction, or are unwell. It can hit us at any time and when you love someone, you do all you can to support them. We’re here if you ever find yourself in that situation.

If you can donate as a one off or something a little more regular via JustGiving , just know you’re helping us to help unpaid carers who are children, parents, grandparents, partners, friends and more.

Maybe you can only spare £1? That’s £1 more to support incredible unpaid carers.

It starts with you.


How your donations help

£10 could pay for two support calls to our helpline – when a carer doesn’t know what to do or who to turn to, this is their lifejacket

£20 could pay for regular keep-in-touch calls for carers who may be isolated, showing them they aren’t alone

£50 could pay for a group activity to help our carers relax and support their mental health


Did you know you can give more, without giving more?

If you are a UK taxpayer your donations to Carers in Hertfordshire can be worth more at no additional cost to you under the Gift Aid scheme. This means for every £1 you donate we can claim an additional 25p from the Government. Signing up for Gift Aid is easy, simply tick the box when you make your donation on JustGiving or download our Gift Aid form and send it back to us.

If you complete the Gift Aid declaration we should be able to reclaim the tax on donations you have made in the last four years and all future donations.


"“For me Carers in Hertfordshire was my wake up call, I was in danger of becoming ill, but with the support and advice you provided you helped me rethink things. The charity is unique and means so much to family and friend carers like me as you put us first and allow us to think about and prioritise our health and wellbeing.”"
"It is satisfying to use my previous work skills and share my experiences as a carer I hope that this helps people use what they learn and apply it to their jobs, improving interaction and support for carers and people with care needs.

It's useful having a charity like Carers in Hertfordshire there to turn to for information or support related to caring and to provide a platform for family and friend carers to have their voices heard by health and other services in Hertfordshire."
"“Caring for someone, no matter how much one loves that person and wishes to help that person, is a challenging and difficult process, with plenty of ups and downs. It is good, even vital, to have an escape, to have something that is just for oneself. Something that provides an oasis in amongst the ‘desert’ of caring.”"