Find out about POhWER's advocacy service for unpaid carers.

POhWER, a charity that was founded in Hertfordshire in 1996 provides advocacy support to carers and vulnerable people in Hertfordshire. Advocacy involves providing information or support to empower people to speak up about what is important to them or to represent people who cannot speak for themselves in order to make their lives or those of the people they care for better.

You may need advocacy support if you are struggling to put your views across to health, social care or other community services or where you don’t feel you are being listened to or your rights or needs, or those of the person you care for, are not being met. Advocacy may help you understand your rights and choices.

How an Advocate supports you depends on your situation, but this may include:

  • Helping you to find out information for you so you are aware of your options and can consider them;
  • Empowering you to understand your rights and entitlements;
  • Making telephone calls/write letters on your behalf;
  • Going to meetings with you, to help you decide what YOU want to happen; and
  • Signposting and introducing you to other more specialised services if required or more appropriate.

An Advocate can’t

  • Tell you what to do, we are always led by the carer;
  • Give you legal or related advice;
  • Do anything without agreeing it with you first or discuss your business with anyone else unless you ask us to do so. However, we may not need your permission if we have safeguarding concerns and in this situation there are processes and procedures we must follow;
  • Go to meetings without you or instead of you.
  • Go with you if there is a court hearing.

If you would like support from an Advocate please contact POWhER


Telephone: 0300 456 2370 (charged at your standard network rate)
The Help Hub is open from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm (excluding bank holidays).

Text: send the word ’pohwer’ with your name and number to 81025

Postal Address: PO Box 17943, Birmingham, B9 9PB

For more information about POhWER visit or call 0300 456 2370.

You could also try our Carer Support Advisors if you have a query or concern around your caring role as they may be able to help. Call 01992 58 69 69 or email