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Some supermarkets to recognise unpaid carers at their priority shopping sessions

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In response to the coronavirus pandemic and panic buying, many supermarkets have set aside times, usually at the start of the day, for vulnerable people such as the elderly and NHS workers buy groceries and essential supplies.

Shopping imageWe’re pleased to share that many of the Marks & Spencer and Waitrose stores in Hertfordshire have said they are happy to include unpaid carers during these times, as they understand people are looking after someone who is ill, disabled or elderly. We have not been able to confirm that carers are included by other chains, but will provide further updates if we are able to do so.

Please check with your local store or the various supermarket websites about their arrangements for priority shopping periods.

If you do go to the supermarket during these times, you may be asked to show them your Carers in Hertfordshire Carers’ Discount Passport ID card. To apply for a Passport, just click here to fill in the online form and attach a headshot photograph.

If you need a replacement card, please contact us to request one by calling 01992 58 69 69 or emailing . You do not need to fill out an application form again.

If you have any questions about the Carers’ Passport or have concerns about being able to source essential goods for yourself or the person you care for, please talk to one of our carer support advisors on 01992 58 69 69 or email .

Do you need some advice about cooking or recipe ideas?

To help people with cooking ideas and nutrition tips during the coronavirus pandemic, when some food items are limited or unavailable and restaurants are closed, Nutritionist Sarah Scotland has produced a downloadable book with recipes and advice. Sarah has worked with us on some courses for unpaid carers. You can find out more at and the book is available via this link - Catering for the COVID-19 Crisis.

How do I access priority supermarket delivery slots?

Many carers have been in touch with us to ask about how to access the priority supermarket delivery slots that are available if you are shielding (staying at home all the time and so not able to go out to shop for food). This article provides a useful summary of the steps you need to take:

**Update: Hitchin Waitrose – June 2020**

Although Waitrose in Hitchin are no longer able to allow unpaid/family carers access into the Elderly and Vulnerable shopping slots, we are delighted to confirm that they have agreed to accept our Carers Passport Discount Card as verified ID for unpaid carers. They have confirmed that they will allow unpaid carers to ‘express’ shop, which means they can go to the front of the queue, show a member of staff their Carers Passport Discount Card and they will be given the same priority as a member of NHS staff. Carers with a Passport card can then shop at any time (apart from the designated early morning slots for NHS or Elderly and Vulnerable people) knowing that they will be given priority. A big thank you to the team at Hitchin Waitrose for making this offer.

Last modified on Tuesday, 09 June 2020 15:40