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Some key facts and figures about caring.

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Facts and Figures about carers – nationally from Carers UK and Census 2021 unless otherwise stated

Key facts about the caring situation in the UK and Hertfordshire

  • Around 9% of the UK’s population are carers, that’s around 5.7 million people.
  • 4.7% of the population in England and Wales provide 20 hours or more of care a week.
  • Around 12,000 people take on a caring responsibility each day (research by Petrillo and Bennett from the Centre for Care, 2022).
  • Women are more likely to be carers or acknowledge that they have a caring role than men – 72% of the carers registered with us are women and 27% are men. 1% didn’t give a gender or said other).
  • 1 in 5 children and young people aged 18 and under are carers. There are an estimated 1 million young carers across the UK. 2,378 young carers in Hertfordshire were registered with us at the end of March 2023.
  • Hertfordshire’s population was 1,198,800 in March 2021 and 8.4% of them were carers (100,915 people).
  • More than 43,000 people who are, or have been, carers, are registered with us.


  • Unpaid carers in England and Wales contribute a staggering £445 million to the economy every day – that’s £162 billion per year.
  • Carer’s Allowance is just £76.75 a week for people entitled to the benefit and provide 35+ hours of care a week. That’s £2.19 an hour – much lower than the national minimum wage of £10.42 for people aged 23 or over.
  • Just over a third of the 10,751 unpaid carers that completed Carers UK 2023 Survey said they are struggling to make ends meet.
  • 3 in 5 carers (60%) that completed our 2022 Carers’ Survey said they were struggling to make ends meet or were worried about their finances.
  • 32% of carers and former carers told us that they were cutting back on essentials (2022 Carers’ Survey).

Health, wellbeing and Social Exclusion

  • 54% of carers said their physical health had suffered because of being a carer. More than 1 in 4 carers said their mental health is bad or very bad. (2023 Carers UK State of Caring Survey.)
  • Carers providing round the clock care are more than twice as likely to be in bad health than non-carers
  • 50% of people with caring responsibilities said they felt lonely. (2023 Carers UK State of Caring Survey.)

Work and caring

  • 1 in 7 people in the workplace in the UK are juggling work with caring responsibilities (Carers UK, Juggling Work and Care, 2019).
  • Around 2.2 million carers work full-time and 1 million work part-time.
  • There are 51,918 people in Hertfordshire who combine unpaid care with employment – 70% work full-time alongside their caring role and 30% juggle part-time work with caring.
  • 16% of all working carers in Hertfordshire provide 20+ hours of unpaid care each week (8,237 people).
  • An estimated 1.5 million people in England and Wales had given up work to provide care to someone else as at March 2021 – down from 1.8 million people in the 2011 Census.