Chance to win cash and support causes like ours in community lottery

If you are looking for a way to support our work with unpaid family and friend carers and other good causes whilst having a chance to win a cash prize, why not consider taking part in a community lottery?

Seven of the 10 districts in Hertfordshire have a community lottery and we are delighted to be part of all of them and are looking at whether we can benefit from final two.

It costs £1 per ticket to play the community lottery and 60p of that is donated to good causes – 50p of which can be donated to us if we are your chosen charity.

Each ticket consists of six numbers (each one between 0 and 9) and there will be a weekly draw to generate a six-digit number. You can win a jackpot of £25,000 for matching all the numbers. Other prizes of £25, £250 and £2,000, and free tickets are available for matching fewer numbers in the sequence. Players must have at least the first or last two numbers to win a prize!

The Community Lotteries that we are part of are:

Broxbourne –
East Herts –
Hertsmere –
North Herts –
St Albans –
Watford –
Welwyn Hatfield –

Hazel Howell, our Fundraising Manager said: “We are so excited to be one of charities that you can support by playing a Community Lottery in Hertfordshire! The funds raised will help us continue ensuring the incredible unpaid family and friend carers across Hertfordshire are identified, informed, supported and heard. Good luck to all who play.”

If you are interested in playing the community lottery you should be at least 18 years old and live in Great Britain.

If you want to sign up to support us for any of the lotteries the links are below along with contact details if you have any questions.
• Broxbourne – 01992 217888.
• East Herts – 01279 912777.
• Hertsmere – 020 8183 7801.
• North Herts – 01462 520015.
• St Albans – 01727 304020.

Community Lottery