Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us to support your community and make a difference to the lives of unpaid carers in Hertfordshire.

Did you know?

  • In your road, street, or block of flats that there is likely to be at least 1 family or friend carer for every 11 people living there
  • Three in five of us will be a carer at some point in our life

By volunteering with us you would really be supporting your community and making a difference to the lives of unpaid carers in Hertfordshire or outside the county caring for someone in Hertfordshire.

Why volunteer with us?

  • We provide training for all roles and can give references after a suitable time period.
  • We can also help with the cost of travel and out of pocket expenses.
  • We keep you informed about our charity and volunteer work via a newsletter and emails.
  • It’s also a great way to make new friends and have lots of fun too!
  • We hold the 6 Point Promise, a mark of good practice when it comes to volunteering, showing that we are committed to looking after our volunteers and in June 2019, we won the Valuing Volunteer Management Award

The aims of our Volunteer work

We hope that people volunteering with our charity gain from the experience of working with us. Our objectives are to:

  • Increase volunteers’ confidence in supporting local carers.
  • Boost volunteers’ overall wellbeing as a result of their volunteering role.
  • Improve and increase volunteers’ skills.
  • Help carers to feel less isolated because of the volunteers’ contributions.
  • Help carers to be more resilient and knowledgeable/confident in their caring role because of volunteers work.

You can find out about how we are meeting our objectives by reading our Volunteer Impact Surveys and the summary of the previous project funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

How to apply

If you are interested in any of these roles, please let us know by filling in our online application form. Alternatively, you can download a Volunteer Application Interest Form and email it to or post it to the address on the form. Or just get in touch.

Why we volunteer

Don’t just take our word for it. Some of our volunteers have been sharing their experiences.

Harvey, Office Volunteer

“I’ve been providing admin support since January 2024. I got involved through a work taster scheme as I wanted to develop my skills whilst supporting a worthwhile cause. I volunteer about three hours a week and find the role enjoyable and stimulating. The staff and other volunteers are friendly and have made me feel welcome.”

Maggie, Keep In Touch Volunteer

“I started volunteering after making a conscious decision to change the direction of my life. I had worked within IT departments as a support manager for around 27 years and was increasingly burning out with the 50-hour weeks and knew that I needed to slow down. Therefore, I made the decision to leave.

I became aware of Carers in Hertfordshire through my daughter who was caring for her father. I watched and supported my daughter during this difficult time. Thankfully she is in a good place now.

I am learning new skills, rediscovering skills that have been dormant for a while, finding skills I didn’t even know I had, and indeed realising that I have a multitude of transferable skills whilst doing this important work.

The training and support from the Carers in Hertfordshire staff is excellent and the staff really care for the volunteers and the work that they do. I am currently studying mental health issues which gives me an increasing empathy of what carers may be going through. I enjoy making a difference, even if it is a small one, and am grateful for this opportunity. Just the recognition that a carer’s wellbeing matters, and it is acknowledged that they don’t have to do this alone, makes all the difference.”

Due to coronavirus we are being more proactive with our carers and seeing real benefits. Keep in Touch Volunteers are based at home and ring 5-10 carers each week. You will get a list with new names each week.

We are looking for 40 Volunteers to help with this project. You can read the role description at this Keep in Touch Volunteer.

We are also recruiting Out of Hours Keep in Touch Volunteers – Wednesdays weekly, 5.30pm – 7.30 pm. You can read the role description at this Out of Hours Keep in Touch Volunteers.


Pragna, Keep In Touch Volunteer and Mentor

“2020 has been a difficult year for us all. Being a mentor and a Keep In Touch volunteer, this year especially has allowed me to keep in touch with the community and ensure there was always someone to talk to. Our community has many vulnerable and lonely members. Reaching out and offering an ear has helped both of us and I have loved utilising my skills of listening, as well as having a chat. Being a people person and a carer myself, I understand what a difficult challenge it can be at times. It is extremely rewarding to know you can help in some way!”

We are looking for 40 Volunteers to help with the Keep In Touch project. Find out about the roles via the lines – Keep in Touch Volunteer and Mentor


Ellie, Young Adult Carer Volunteer

“Being a younger volunteer coming into an organisation that has such a wide outreach and helps so many people can be daunting, but everyone has not only been kind, helpful, and supportive but they have also taken me under their wing and helped me grow, both as a volunteer and a person. I feel through volunteering at Carers in Hertfordshire I have gained so many life skills such as independence, organisation, patience, and collaboration that I may have not gained by just working a regular ‘9 to 5’ job. I feel so much more prepared for life thanks to Carers in Hertfordshire. The volunteers are like a family and their kindness pushes me to be a better person every single day. If you are a young person thinking about volunteering, I would say go for it. You can choose how much you do or how flexible you are. You really will lose nothing and gain everything by volunteering!”


Marjorie, Bereavement Volunteer

After Marjorie’s mum died in 1990, she decided not to return to teaching but instead wanted a new direction – in her words ‘something worthwhile and interesting’.

Marjorie said: “My role usually involves helping out at some of the group sessions and giving bereaved carers a phone call once a month. Listening properly and with empathy is what people need and appreciate at this vulnerable time. I also help out with allocating calls round to the group once a month as we all lend a hand with some of the administration.

As the work is reasonably spaced out, I still find plenty of time to pursue other interests such as sewing and growing fruit and vegetables on our allotment.
I meet many brave, courageous people who have cared for and then lost someone very dear to them. It is quite a privilege and I am always learning from them. This is worthwhile and rewarding work. It has certainly broadened and enhanced my outlook on life.”

We are looking for more Bereavement Volunteers to provide one-to-one support over the phone at the moment or help at our two groups – a monthly group in Watford and a group in Welwyn Garden City. 


Dianne, Hub Leader Volunteer

“I started volunteering after recovering from cancer, as I was looking for something to do to help others and use my skills. I knew about the excellent work of Carers in Hertfordshire through my previous jobs in the NHS. The Hub Leader is a lovely role and I enjoy meeting and getting to know so many carers. We try to give support to each other and to the carers, who tell us they really value the monthly meeting and look forward to it. I feel pleased that a small amount of my time and effort goes a long way to helping others.

Carers in Hertfordshire is a fantastic charity with the practical support it provides unpaid carers and the role it plays in local policy and decision-making. Everyone is so friendly and I feel valued and supported as a volunteer.”

The Hub is a group for carers that meets monthly so that they can get together to have a break from caring with other people who understand their situation as well as share advice and experiences and learn about services and support for them.

We are looking for Hub Leaders and volunteers for our groups in Borehamwood, Bishop’s Stortford and Chorleywood. Although most of our groups are currently running on Zoom we hope to recruit new leaders and volunteers to help us re-open for face-to-face meetings from July onwards. Find out more about the role via this link – Hub Leader description. 

Volunteer Impact Survey

Earlier last year (2022) we carried out a Volunteer Impact Survey to learn more about our volunteers’ experiences of working with us. We also carried out a snapshot survey of carers who have had volunteer support which is included in this report.

Around 55% of our 221 volunteers that were sent the survey responded. We found we were achieving the outcomes we promised in our National Lottery-funded Caring for Volunteers project. For example:
• 67% of volunteers reported their confidence in supporting carers had increased.
• 43% of volunteers reported an increase in their physical wellbeing and mental well-being.
• 58% of volunteers reported an improvement in their social skills and 45% said their technical skills had improved.

You can find out more about the findings in the report – Volunteer and Carer Impact Survey 2022 Report.

Volunteer - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for a volunter role?

    Go to our volunteering vacancies section and have a look at the types of volunteer opportunities we have available and how to apply.

  • How do I work out what role is right for me?

    If you’re not sure what type of role you’re looking for and want to discuss your requirements before you start searching, please call the Volunteering Co-Ordinator on 01992 58 69 69 or email volunteer@carersinherts.org.uk

  • How much time would I have to give to a volunteer role?

    This depends on you and what you’d like to do for us. Many of our roles are flexible and whatever time you are able give us will be much appreciated. Some roles require a more specific time commitment and this is stated in the role description.

  • Can I claim expenses?

    Volunteers should not be out of pocket as a result of volunteering for us! We reimburse reasonable travel costs, travel while volunteering and other expenses by arrangement.

  • Will I need to attend an interview?

    For most roles we’ll invite you to meet us for a chat. It’s a chance for you to find out more about the role and the organisation and we can get to know you better and find out how to best match your skills and interest to our current needs.

  • Do I need to supply references?

    We may wish to take up references although this will depend on the role.

  • What skills and experiences do I need?

    Volunteer role descriptions will list any additional skills or experience you may need. Many roles just require your time, energy and enthusiasm!

  • What support and training will I be given?

    Volunteers receive an induction and will be given all the training and support necessary to feel confident in the role. Staff members are on hand to provide ongoing help and support.

  • My Company encourages me to volunteer. Can you help?

    There are many ways in which you can volunteer to find opportunities please look at our role descriptions.  Carers in Hertfordshire is keen to nurture corporate relationships and work with companies to create rewarding challenges and projects to help the community.

    If you can’t find what you are looking for or want to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact volunteer@carersinherts.org.uk

  • Are you allowed to volunteer if you are claiming state benefits?

    Yes – a person can volunteer for as many hours as they like whilst getting benefits as long as they keep to the rules for getting them.

  • Will volunteering affect Job Seeker's allowance?

    Volunteering will not affect jobseeker’s allowance (JSA) provided you:

    • remain available for and are actively seeking a full time paid job
    • take reasonable steps to find a job (e.g. answering adverts, signing up with an agency and taking other steps required by the Jobcentre Plus office)
    • inform the Job Centre/ Jobcentre Plus office that you are volunteering
    • can attend interview within 48 hours and take up work within one week.

    A volunteer:

    • receives no remuneration, only reimbursement of actual out-of-pocket expenses, which does not count towards the Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA) ‘earnings disregard’
    • can be contacted whilst volunteering if a job opportunity becomes available
    • can be available at a week’s notice to start work or attend an interview with 48 hours’ notice.
  • Will volunteering affect my other benefits?

    Volunteering should not affect income support as long as you are not receiving any money other than reimbursement of expenses.

    You should notify the relevant agency before starting if you receive Incapacity Benefit (IB), severe disablement allowance, employment and support allowance (ESA), carer’s allowance (CA) or industrial injuries disablement benefit.

    Carers Allowance (CA) is not affected by volunteering unless it prevents you providing care for at least 35 hours each week. There is no limit to the number of hours someone can volunteer whilst in receipt of Incapacity Benefit (IB), though in the past some benefits agencies have claimed that volunteers who volunteer regularly and for a substantial (in their view) amount of time could be seen as fit for work.

    Employment Support allowance (ESA) was introduced on 27 October 2008 and, for new claimants, replaces both Incapacity Benefit (IB) and income support paid because of disability or incapacity (although all claimants will be reassessed for Employment Support Allowance (ESA) by spring 2014). The regulations for Employment Suport Allowance (ESA) clearly state that claimants will be allowed to volunteer. The regulations also recognise that reasonable expenses can be reimbursed to claimants who volunteer.

    There are some benefits that are not affected by volunteering and where the relevant agencies do not need to be informed that the person is volunteering. These include; state retirement pension, council tax benefit, housing benefit, statutory maternity pay, maternity allowance, war widow’s pension and widow’s pension.

    Volunteering hours do not count towards Working Tax Credits and volunteering doesn’t affect Child Tax Credits.

  • I still have questions about volunteering?

    If you still have any questions about volunteering after reading the FAQs section, you can email us at: volunteer@carersinherts.org.uk or ring 01992 58 69 69.