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Sending us your Carers' Passport photo

How to take and send us your Carers’ Passport photo by email in 5 easy steps

1: Open your camera app

Here’s what the icon for the camera can look like on an Android devices*: 

camer icons

Here’s what the icon for the camera looks like on an Apple device*:

camera icon

*As with all the icons in this guide, they may differ on your device depending on which version of software it is using. However, the general image depicted should look similar with similar shapes used in it. 

2: Make sure you are using the forward-facing camera

We are looking for a photo of your face, which is much easier to take when using the camera that faces you as you look at the screen. If your phone does not have one of these, it may be easier to ask someone to take the photo for you.

Depending on which mode you last used the device’s camera in, the camera may be pointing outwards when you open the app, as below.

example camera screen.png

To switch to the camera pointed at your face, click the ‘switch camera’ button. In the above example, this button is at the bottom of the screen with two arrows forming a circle around a smaller circle. Here are two more examples of what the button may look like:

switch camera

3: Take the photo

Once you can see your face on the camera, it’s time to take the photo! We ask that the photo is a clear, up to date, head and shoulders shot that is front facing the camera, with no hats, sunglasses, filters or emojis. This will be on your Passport Card for at least the next three years, so you may choose to be even more picky than us!

The button to take the photo is usually a grey circle centrally below the camera display, found between the ‘switch camera’ button and ‘gallery’ button. Here it is on Android and Apple devices:3 button showcase a2

From left to right on an Android device: ‘Switch camera’ button, ‘take photo’ button and ‘gallery’ (previous photos) button.

3 button showcase

From top to bottom on an Apple device: ‘Switch camera’ button, ‘take photo’ button and ‘gallery’ (previous photos) button.

4: ‘Share’ your photo

Once you’ve taken a picture of yourself that you are happy with, press the ‘gallery’ button to open the photo. While the picture is showing, there should be a button to share it. On an Android device, this looks like a triangle of dots with two lines nearly making a triangle (shown in red circle in the below images).

selfie in gallery plus red ring

                                          share close up

On an Apple device, this looks like a square with an upward arrow intersecting it (shown in red circle below).

share icon

Pressing the ‘share’ button should bring up the available applications for the photo to be shared on. Choose whichever email application you use. Gmail is the standard option on Android devices, whereas Mail is the included application on Apple devices. You may choose to use a different app though – like Outlook.

The email application may appear at different places on the list of suggested apps depending on which apps you most regularly use (or have most recently used). Here’s what the standard email icons look like on different devices:

finding gmail

On an Android device, the Gmail app shows as a white envelope with red edges in a white circle, as above.

finding mail

On an Apple device, the Mail app shows as a white envelope in a blue square, as above.

5: Send us your email with the photo attached

Once you have selected your email application, your photo will automatically be attached to a blank email. Send the email, along with your name and date of birth, to . On an Android device, the completed email should end up looking something like below. Note that the picture shows at the bottom of the email to prove that it is attached. The send button is circled in red. 

send email

On Apple devices, it should look very similar - although the send button (circled in red below) is slightly different.

sending email

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