Consultations and Consultation Responses

Carers in Hertfordshire often works with carers to respond to local and national consultations relevant to carers and caring. We also hold events with representatives from health, care and community organisations in surveyHertfordshire so they can provide updates about services, answer carers' questions, or seek their views and experiences on services or planned changes. Among the organisations we invite to these events are  Hertfordshire County Council, NHS Trusts responsible for local  hospitals or health services as well as Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and East and North Herts CCG.

In the download area below you can find out our consultation responses and minutes following information events with local health and care service representatives. Among the information is:

  • A presentation about Hertfordshire County Council Supported Accommodation Strategy 2017 - 2017, minutes and responses to a Q&A session about accommodation in Hertfordshire.

We also carry out our own consultations such as one with carers to find out about the caring situation in Hertfordshire. The State of Caring in Hertfordshire Survey was carried out between January and March 2018 and 1,434 carers responded.

You can find out more about the responses on our State of Caring in Hertfordshire 2018 Survey Findings page and the three survey report documents below:
pdf Carers’ Health and Wellbeing (340 KB) ;
pdf Caring and Finances (701 KB) ; and
pdf Caring and Working (677 KB) .

Current consultation opportunities

Hertfordshire County Council seeks feedback on home care services

Hertfordshire County Council has a number of home care contracts that run until 31st March 2020 and they are seeking views and experiences from residents who have accessed this support and stakeholders before new contracts are awarded.

The contracts cover domiciliary care and an enablement service for people aged 18+. The enablement service helps people relearn the daily living skills such as cooking and caring for themselves, required to keep them safe and independent at home. Domiciliary care, also known as home care, is support provided to people in their own home to help them live independently and it includes support with tasks such as personal care, meal preparation and tasks around the home such as laundry.

People are being asked the following:
1. In your experience:
i.What is important about home care and support?
ii. What would improve home care and support?
2. On a scale of 1-5 how important is it for carers to arrive at the same time every day? (1 being not important, 5 being very important)
3. Have you or your family member received home care following a spell in hospital? If so:
i. Did you feel that the service made your life better?
ii.Did you feel well supported and able to do things for yourself?
3. Were you made aware of how the service would support you to achieve your goals?
4. Any other comments about your experiences?

Responses to the questions should be sent via email to by Wednesday 26th June 2019.



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