We welcome carers who have lost the person for whom they cared.

We run a series of free sessions which we hope will help you to:

  • Share your experience with other people in a similar situation.
  • Help you to find your own way to cope and move forward.
  • Get the information you need about other support and services which are available to you.

The sessions are run by an experienced team of volunteers who will be present at all sessions to offer a listening ear and support.

Margaret Stone joined the Bereavement Group after her husband, who she had been caring for for 7 years, died. Margaret says, “Carers in Hertfordshire helped me every step of the way in caring for my husband and when I found out about their Bereavement Course I was keen to go.

“I had had bereavement counselling before, so when my husband died I knew that I had to work at dealing with my grief. I realised that for each death you have to come to terms with the particular situation you are in – because I had cared for my husband for so long it was a different kind of grief from when my parents died. That’s why the Carers in Hertfordshire course appealed to me – it addressed my particular situation and gave me the chance to meet other people on a parallel journey.

“The course was structured, well-balanced and varied, and allowed plenty of time for people to talk and help each other through the process. It really has the right approach, acknowledging that grief is hard work, but that you can get through it. You feel cared for, accepted and supported, no matter what level you are at.”

Bereaved carers living anywhere in Hertfordshire are welcome to attend.

Confidentiality is respected within the group at all times.

If you would like more information or would like to talk to a member of the Bereavement Support Team, please get in touch.

To read some advice from the Bereavement Group Volunteers on staying safe, download their booklet from the bottom of this page.

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