Corporate fundraising is both a brilliant way to engage your staff in a local charity and to demonstrate your commitment to the community to your customers and clients. There are many ways you can get involved.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a simple way of supporting Carers in Hertfordshire. It won’t incur your business costs yet it will clearly demonstrate your commitment to us.
It’s easy to set up and enables your staff to give on a regular basis through their pay. Even better, the money they donate is tax free. The benefit for us is it provides a regular and sustainable income, giving us more security and the ability to plan ahead.

Hold an event or take part in one

You or your staff could organise an event such as cake sale, sponsored pedometer challenge or get a place in an event such as a run, bike ride or other physical challenge and raise sponsorship. We are happy to give you fundraising tips or a sponsorship form.

Gifts in Kind

It isn’t all about the money. You can help us by donating equipment, food, services or expertise or even allowing us access to a venue free of charge. You could also sign up to support the Carers' Passport discount card by offering unpaid carers a discount.

We are always in need of great prizes to give away at auctions and raffles, many of which can generate much more than their actual value.

Matched Giving

You can increase the value of your employee’s gift by matching their gift or by putting a cap on the gift so that you maintain control. Many companies find this a great way to support and incentivise staff both in their fundraising and their work and sends out a positive message to your colleagues, customers and suppliers.


Cause Related Marketing has become an increasingly important element of any company’s activities and is a great way for local and national companies to support us. For example you could donate a % or set amount from a product/service sold.


Choosing us as your Charity of the Year or Charity Partner means a lot to us - and the benefits extend across to your organisation too. As well as illustrating your dedication to a local charity, it is a great tool to unite your staff or members by engaging them in fundraising.
We will support you in all your fundraising endeavours, inspiring you with ideas and providing all the tools you need to raise some seriously impressive funds for Carers in Hertfordshire. Plus we will work with you to generate publicity about the work your company are doing for us.

You can find out about our charity partners on the Charity of the Year Partnerships page. 


 With thanks to other corporate and community supporters

EwartPriceSolicitorsEwart Price Solicitors, Welwyn Garden City.

Carers and supporters alike have benefited as the firm has donated £5,000 to us so that we can continue making a positive difference to unpaid carers. One way they are providing support is by kindly waiving their fees for writing or amending a basic will in return for people making a donation to Carers in Hertfordshire.

Mike Bottomley from the firm, said: “It’s important to have a will as it can provide peace of mind and provision for family and friends as it lets you decide what happens to your money, property and possessions after your death. Without one, the law of intestacy decides what happens to your property not you.”

Linda Cudmore, our Development and Fundraising Manager, said: “We are grateful to Ewart Price Solicitors for supporting carers and us by providing their services for free in lieu of a donation. There is still time to book an appointment if you do not have a will.”

She continued: “There is no obligation to leave a gift to Carers in Hertfordshire in your will, but we appreciate those who remember us in this way. A gift in your will costs you nothing now, but will make a difference to unpaid carers in the future.”

To make an appointment please call Linda on 01992 58 69 69.

 We would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Ewart Price for seeing the value of our work and the importance of recognising and rewarding unpaid carers across the county!

Ewart Price Solicitors, 18 Church Lane, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL8 6PS

Phone: 01707 332383.


John Lewis Watford

A big thank you to John Lewis Watford and all the customers who supported us through the Community Matters green token scheme from October to December. We received a donation of £900, which could go towards training 14 volunteers to be carer mentors. Mentors have experience or understanding of caring and are matched with a carer in a similar caring role to them and provide regular one to one support over the phone or meeting up for a drink and chat. Carers find it invaluable being able to talk to someone outside their family and to share useful tips and advice.

Linda Cudmore said: “It is great that large companies like the John Lewis Partnership see the value of identifying and supporting their working carers. This allows them to stay in work rather than becoming one of the one in three carers that have to give up or reduce work due to caring for a loved one. We are always keen to work with businesses to help them ensure the right support is in place to ensure they retain their highly skilled and valuable caring staff.”


Harpenden Ladies Circle

We were very happy to hear that this amazing group of ladies raised £11,931 during their 40th anniversary Annual Craft Fair in November 2015. We were lucky to have been selected by them as one of three charities to receive a share of their fundraising efforts for the year.

Linda Cudmore said: “The event was well organised and promoted, and the Chair Rania Aidley and her team of ladies worked tirelessly before and during the two day Fair. You cannot underestimate the amount of time and work that goes into this type of fundraising event. So a huge thank you for the £3,977 cheque!”

She added: “I was joined by four dedicated volunteers over the two days and it proved a wonderful opportunity to speak to hundreds of members of the public about carers and the free support we provide. Thanks to these volunteers we are now in contact with many carers who have not been in touch with us before.”


Sainsburys logo


A huge thank you to staff and customers at Sainsbury's branches in Waltham Cross and Hemel Hempstead for choosing Carers in Hertfordshire as their Charity of the Year in 2015/16. This support makes a huge difference to the work we do to reach out, identify and support more hidden carers in the community.

Sainsburys Charity of the Year Aug 2014

Carers benefited from various fundraising activities organised by the leading supermarket chain including horse rides at a summer fete!

Mike Judge, Commercial Manager at this store, said:

"We at Sainsbury’s Woodhall Farm are pleased to have Carers in Hertfordshire as our Charity of the Year.
"When we helped with the launch of the Carers' Passport for Hemel Hempstead we were amazed at how many people in the Hemel area are carers. These people are forgotten by most as they do not have a direct impact on them, but they do such an important job.
"We hope that raising funds and awareness will bring this to the front of people's minds."
Sainsbury's Woodhall Farm

Sainsburys Waltham Cross Store Manager Jane Litchfield is pictured with some of her team at the launch of Charity of the Year 2014 on 6 August.

And below are the staff at the Woodhall Farm branch in Hemel Hempstead who will be fundraising for us this year. 

For more information on how your company can get involved and support carers, call me on 01992 58 69 69 or email me. I would love to hear from you! 

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